Ah, humanity at the holidays. The winter months are a time for family, friends and merriment, but you know what’s just as important to Americans at Christmas? Blowing things up, lighting them on fire, deep-frying them and creating ostentatious displays of skill and wealth in the form of large-scale suburban light displays. There’s even a TV competition show about it: The Great Christmas Light Fight. One of the Light Fights featured last year came from the brilliant brains of the Johnson family of San Antonio, TX, who are, I would venture to guess, rabid EDM fans. Yes that’s right, the Johnson’s Christmas Light show, which is more than 11 minutes long, is choreograpned entirely to dubstep.

They did this show last year too, but since 2014, patriarch Matt Johnson has added a variety of features, including replacing all of the LED lights with pixel lights, which I guess are fancier? The more you know. It doesn’t vary all that much from the lights you would see at your average, everyday rave, but the fact that they adorn the pristine lawn of a single-story suburban home really takes the cognitive dissonance up a notch.

Watch the Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show above, and please don’t fall off your roof if you decide to attempt this one on your own.