Whitney Marie Beall via [LakelandPD](https://www.facebook.com/LakelandPD-65748775158/timeline/)/[The Ledger](http://mugshots.theledger.com/).

Whitney Marie Beall via LakelandPD/The Ledger.

It’s never a good idea to drink and drive. And from what I’ve seen, it’s usually not a good idea to broadcast yourself on the Internet while committing a crime. This Florida woman must disagree, since she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and broadcasting her trip on Periscope. And in case there was any doubt about her intoxicated state, she titled one of the broadcasts “Drunk Girl Driving.”

“I am drunk,” slurred Whitney Marie Beall during her drive. “I’m driving. I think I’m on a flat tire. This is horrible… Goodbye red light…This song is super hot, I want you guys to know.”

Worried viewers who were watching Beall’s live broadcast contacted authorities. According to Gawker and the Tampa Tribune, the officers involved were blocked from from using Periscope on their work computers, but were eventually able to determine her location using their personal Twitter/Periscope accounts.

A Lakeland police officer used a personal Twitter account to determine Beall’s location, based on landmarks in the area. She was driving a 2015 Toyota Corolla with a flat left front tire and as officers tried to pull her over on Carpenters Way, she hit the south curb with her right front tire, police said.

After failing a sobriety test and refusing a breathalyzer, Beall was arrested and charged with DUI.

(Source: The Tampa Tribune, H/T: Gawker)