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Exit Clear

The 17 Drunkest Notes Written by Drunks

The 17 Drunkest Notes Written by Drunks:

We’ve all been there. You have a little too much to drink and you come up with a brilliant idea that sober you can put into action tomorrow. Or maybe you need to tell someone you know how much they mean (or don’t mean) to you. Or perhaps you just know yourself and want to warn sober you about drunk you’s actions.

Yep we’ve all been there. The difference here is that these people decided to write them down.

1. An excellent graphic design project

2. The new drunk visitor/roommate

3. Um, yeah where’s that human being we know?

4. Self LOL

5. It’s like a drunk memo

6. A beautiful love note

7. A ‘Beautiful Mind’ level idea

8. He’d never remember otherwise

9. Chester would be proud

10. Very very important

11. What a nice guy

12. Pack up your stuff

13. There’s no deciphering that

14. Oh god what did dad do?

15. Wouldn’t be so sure about that

16. And it’s probably still on today

17. Not sure about this advice


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