Super Mario Bros. has been around so long, with so many people playing it, that it’s the kind of game people use to challenge themselves. There are super-fast Mario speedruns where the goal is to expertly navigate the game to take as little time to beat it as possible.

You could also try training yourself for three months in order to be able to navigate every step of Super Mario Bros. without the use of your eyes, like Japanese YouTuber きらめきでどーだい. In the video above, he carefully moves through Super Mario, using expert timing to avoid enemies and other obtacles. He even uses the fireball power Mario gets to give himself sonic clues about where stuff is.

In terms of nonsense video game feats, this is a pretty impressive one. We English speakers might not be able to understand what he’s saying, but we can definitely understand how awesome he feels when he finally manages to save the princess. And it all takes him less than 15 minutes.

Via Kotaku.