Some people aren’t always the sharpest knives in the drawer, take this 49-year-old British dude for example. While participating in a 24-hour golf outing for charity, Dave Sayer’s game took a turn for the worse, according to The Sentinel.

Sayer said he had too many beers and wanted to “bin” his golf clubs. However, when they didn’t fit, he put his head in the trash can instead, and stayed like that for 10 minutes—stench and wasps included.

However, another golfer came to the rescue with a full jar of Vaseline. We’re just as confused about that one as you are, but he was apparently carrying it to “avoid sores.” Thanks to the vaseline, Sayer eventually got his head out of the trash.

“I don’t regret doing it as it made people smile. It stank but I’m just glad I didn’t get stung,” Sayer told The Sentinel.

At least he could laugh about it when it was all said and done. We sure couldn’t have done it. Then again, we don’t think we would have put our heads in the trash in the first place.

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