Sometimes gaming memories are so important, you rearrange your whole life to make sure you can leave an old video game system plugged in and running constantly for 20 years. Just in case.

Or at least that’s what Japanese Twitter user Wanikun did with a Super Famicom, Nintendo’s Japanese equivalent of what’s known as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System here in the U.S. Wanikun’s saved game in Umihara Kawase was so important that the console has been running all the time for the last 20 years, with only one brief break—in order to move houses.

Now, if you had a SNES, you might remember that old cartridge-based games like those that ran in it (and even older Nintendo consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy) could save players’ games without having to run forever—they used a small on-board battery. Trouble is, those batteries eventually, you know, die. Wanikun wasn’t having any of that, though, even if it meant keeping the machine running for 180,000 hours. It’s probably a testament to Nintendo craftsmanship the Super Famicom didn’t melt or burst into flames years ago.

Via Polygon