After 29 tattoos dedicated to Miley Cyrus, this 42-year-old dude is getting them removed after she called them ugly—do you blame her? Carl McCoid was obsessed with Miley, even naming one of his daughters after her; but after his divorce, he racked up a nearly $5,000 bill from various song lyrics and three portrait tattoos.

McCoid told the Mirror:

I’m only regretting them now. I never thought about it too much, but they have had a psychological effect on me. Then she mentioned they were creepy in an interview. It made me realise I didn’t like them.

In the past, McCoid has shared numerous pictures of his tattoos on Instagram and Twitter—where apparently Miley has blocked him. He’s stated he wanted to find a new girlfriend after his divorce, but we’re sure his tattoos didn’t help him at all.