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Exit Clear

30 Dudes Who Obviously Can’t Handle Online Rejection

30 Dudes Who Obviously Can’t Handle Online Rejection:

In online dating, guys get turned down every day. At this point they should be used to it, but something tells me that a lot of them aren’t. Some guys decide to take the high road, and the others are on this list.

WARNING: These guys are very angry and use very graphic language.

1. Cuddle buddy

2. The older man

3. Okay that’s pretty funny

4. Facebook renegade

5. E.S.L.

6. Copy/paste

7. The hook up

8. Not interested sir

9. FWB

10. Beardless boy

11. Easy on the language, dude

12. Heavy overreaction

13. Not interested?

14. David

15. Hot tub time

16. Not a good match

17. Age limit

18. That’s a lot of words

19. Tantrum thrower

20. Time restriction

21. My love

22. Cannibalism Pickup Line?

23. Impatient

24. Hello there

25. Plenty of fish

26. He’s not even picky

27. Long distance relationship

28. Why so mad?

29. Shirtless guys…

30. He doesn’t like comebacks

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