When the Internet was created do you think they ever imagined it would be a stage for some of the dumbest and most insane people in the world? Every year it seems that we’ve hit the epitome of stupidity, but somehow we just keep outdoing ourselves. We’ve seen the worst things on the Internet, but here are 40 of the grossest and dumbest things the web gave us in 2014.

1. This guy who listened to “In the End” by Linkin Park 64,695 times.

2. This pregnant lady selling bottles of pee online.

3. This Craigslist ad for a mattress for pregnant women.

4. This kid that tried to make a parkour Vine video:

5. The Russian girl that pooped her pants while twerking.

6. The creepiest comment ever posted by a dad on Facebook.

7. This foolproof plan that definitely doesn’t have any flaws in it.

8. This picture of a goldfish being transported in a condom that’s hopefully unused.

9. This crazy Subway ad.

10. This mind-numbingly awful college football tweet from Home Depot.

11. The t-shirt that would probably get you instantly banned from just about anywhere.

12. This missed connection from Craigslist that most definitely turned into true love.

13. This guy that fell off a dock trying to take a selfie:

14. This wart from hell

15. These facial piercings and modifications.

16. The Marilyn Monroe quote to end all Marily Monroe quotes.

17. The lady that had a fake wedding with a bunch of One Direction cardboard cut-outs.

18. This guy’s hand.

19. Whatever’s happening in the back of this lady’s pants.

20. This girl that doesn’t really understand how phones, or life, work.

21. Whatever is happening with this lady’s hair.

22. This terrifying Winnie the Pooh picture frame.

23. This remix of a girl getting hit with a shovel.

24. The dentist that went viral because of his ridiculous haircut:

25. The New England Patriots automated Twitter app that posted this horrible tweet and image.

26. This terrifying recreation of The Little Mermaid

27. This lady modeling next to a car while wearing nothing but craft singles.

28. This guy that just wants equality.

29. Whoever decided to repair their broken coffee table with a giant dildo.

30. This wedding announcement that’s going to make for some awkward family dinners.

31. This guy puking while pooping in a urinal at a basketball game.

32. These VHS tapes that, shockingly, turned out to be books.

33. These chocolates that look like an edible anus.

34. Whatever it was that this guy was doing in the bathroom.

35. This piece of fan art comparing the struggles of Bronies to racial segregation.

36. The girl that can’t believe China didn’t warn us about 9/11.

37. This guy’s foot.

38. The San Antonio Spur’s Danny Green taking a selfie at the Holocaust Memorial with an “lol” and the hashtag #Holocaust.

39. Whatever is about to happen in this bathtub.

40. These Japanese pillows.

Rob is a writer and comedian based in Louisville, KY. Follow @robfee on Twitter.