Good job Internet! You stopped being anonymous jerks for a minute to be anonymous nice people and help a Colorado woman make the Dungeons & Dragons-themed bar of her (and your) dreams. You may celebrate yourselves now.

Melissa Garza is a geek entrepreneur who just wanted $9,600 to open “Dungeons & Drafts,” a “tavern for geeks and gamers coming to Fort Collins, Colorado.” She put her Kickstarter up and within six hours, funded all the $9,600 she asked for, but the funds didn’t stop there. In total, the Kickstarter raised $54,000 for the ale house.

The ideology behind the bar must have really hit home for those most alienated by “normal” bars:

For too long geeks have had to endure noisy sports bars and venues without readily accessible polyhedral dice just to have a drink with friends. Well, no more! Dungeons & Drafts is here to provide geeks from all walks of life with a welcoming place to call their own, kick back with a pint, and play a game with friends.

The tavern will be opening on June 13th if you’re in Colorado for the summer and want to share a pint with some of your kind. And maybe quest for some gold.