Using protection is a vital part of maintaining a healthy sex life, but recent studies have shown that condom use is down, especially among young people. That might explain why Durex is branching out into fashion with a brand new line of jeans.

The company’s India branch dropped a video on Twitter Wednesday, featuring their brand ambassador and Bollywood icon Ranveer Singh, who claims he’s going to be the first person to wear their new jeans. “Guys, this fits really well,” he says from behind a curtain.

Of course he’s going to say that, but the real question is: how easy are they to put on? If our experience with Durex is any indication, they mighg have their work cut out for them on that front. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones with jokes. Twitter had a field day with Durex’s announcement:

Despite providing the internet with fertile breeding ground for comedy, the condom manufacturer seems to be taking their new line of dungarees pretty seriously. “It made a lot of sense to launch Durex Jeans, which again is something strongly connected with the youth, to create a new product which is aligned to Durex’s reputation for exacting quality standards across all its categories,” said Rohit Jindal of Durex India. “We have got the world’s best designers to draw out the very essence of Jeans keeping with the Durex style right down to the signature blue color and the ‘twill’ texture of the surface which gives strength and elasticity, the driving elements of the power and pleasure that come with it.“

If Durex is listening, we’ll gladly accept a pair to try on, as long as it’s a size magnum, of course