Ian Salter-Bromley wasn’t getting the help he wanted from the folks at his local council office, so he did something he was sure would net some attention:

He took a shit on the office floor.

Salter-Bromley apparently exposed himself and spread his urine and excrement around the office’s main reception area and restrooms after he went in to complain.

The four-foot-tall, 56-year-old claims he was upset that he is abused because he is a dwarf, and that officials from the U.K. town where he lives have not taken adequate action to protect him from his neighbors, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

Salter-Bromley says he’s persecuted and ridiculed by schoolchildren who play “let’s torment the dwarf,” and that people in the town steal his wheelchair and walking sticks. He also claims that the kitchen adaptations in his council flat have been left eight inches too high for him to reach.

In addition to relieving himself on the floor after calling them “useless fuckers,” Salter-Bromley is accused of upsetting the staff by pulling his arm back as if to punch a female receptionist, and by telling an Asian man that he should go back to his own country.

Salter-Bromley has been given a 21-day suspended prison sentence for his actions, which breached a court injunction granted to city council staff to protect them from his abuse. The presiding judge warned Salter-Bromley that he will activate the court sentence if any other disturbances occur.