There are a myriad of ways that Dwayne Johnson can make a grown man cry. For instance, he can crunch your head in between his Roman columns, er, thighs, until you’re drowning in a puddle of your own tears and begging for mercy. He can drop out of Ballers, thus relegating your Sunday night Game of Thrones counter-programming to reruns of, well, Ballers. Or, he can straight up just steal your wife.

But, on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the movie star formerly known as The Rock showed that there is in fact one more way that he can turn hulking bros into blubbering man-babies. He just as to be The Rock. The bit began with Johnson and host Jimmy Fallon running around Universal Studios disguised as nightmarish versions of themselves, and competing to see who can get more hugs from unsuspecting revelers. It’s not as creepy as it sounds, but still—kind of creepy.

They then did that thing where Fallon and another famous person mess around with tourists who have no idea that they’re hanging out with actual celebrities. The payoff is supposed to be the reveal that, “Hey look! You’re around famous people! Start freaking out for the camera now!” But, it’s never been as good as advertised. That is, until Wednesday, when Johnson just so happened to encounter a dude who actually has a giant image of his childhood hero tattooed on his leg. When Johnson reveals himself and hugs the man—who’s fully crying, mind you—well, let’s just say he wasn’t the only one who got a little misty eyed.

Watch the waterworks above.