Every U.S. president has at least one quality that everyone, regardless of party affiliation, agrees on. Clinton was smooth, Bush (II) was relatable, Obama is articulate, and President Johnson would be tough as hell. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is talking about running for our country’s highest office someday—or at least not ruling it.

I don’t care if that’s a breezy nice guy response; I want that dude to represent our nation at some point. I mean, come on, The Rock’s nickname is literally “The People’s Champion” (which, sure, he gave himself when he was a wrestler, but still, it rings as true as the Liberty Bell). He saves people all the time too, from the Fast and Furious series to the forever-underrated flick The Rundown. Plus, he’s easily one of the best hosts Saturday Night Live has ever had every single time he’s on there, a title I give to few. And there’s the infamous fanny pack photo from back in the day that he owns up to pretty seriously.

He is charming, buff, humble, and seems like he’d be the hit of every shindig from bachelor party and to bat mitzvah. I honestly don’t know what more you want from a president. Seriously, if you read this list, it’s pretty much impossible to not vote for the guy. Plus, there’s already an unofficial campaign site. Do you smeeeeeeell what The Rock is cooking? Because I’m pretty sure it’s truth, justice, and the American Dream.