According to the New York Times, there’s a new trend in women’s fashion, and it’s the pits.

Sorry. I know that wasn’t funny. But I have a horrible headache.

At any rate, it seems many women who have a problem with conventional beauty standards aren’t content to simply let their armpit hair run wild. Instead, they’re taking their defiance of social norms to the next level by dying their hairy pits.

Five years ago, Ms. Hunt, 31, stopped shaving her underarms, which these days are pink (Cleo Rose by Manic Panic). She is a founder of Free Your Pits, a website that celebrates growing and dyeing. “Our goal,” write Ms. Hunt and Rain Sissel, the site’s other founder, in what they call a manifesto, “is to use this demonstration of personal choice and expression to help broaden and challenge the standard of ‘beauty’ in a society that already places way too many harmful standards on women.“

At “pit-ins” in Seattle and Pensacola, Fla., groups have assembled for dyeing sessions. And through Vain, the feminist-leaning salon in Seattle where she works, Ms. Hunt also offers the service for $65.

Hey everybody! I’ll help you stick it to the man… for $65.



That seems like a lot of cash to shell out to make a statement, especially considering a woman can basically make the same point for free by letting her hair grow out and skipping the dye. Although pit dyer Alyssa Bishop, who spoke with The Times, makes a fair point.

"If people don’t think that my blue armpit hair is funny, then they probably aren’t worth my time,” she said. "When I see myself naked in the mirror, I laugh every time because I think it’s hilarious and kind of awesome.”

(Source: New York Times, H/T: BroBible)