Keeping your place clean just got a little easier. Today Dyson announced the launch of the V6 Absolute, a new cordless vacuum that will help pull you a little bit more out of your squalor. Luckily for us, we’ve had the vacuum for a month to put it through the paces.

You may have noticed that the small vacuum you already have at home is perfectly adequate at sucking up dust, but leaves behind larger fragments of waste (think: the cereal you spill in your pre-dawn stupor). The V6, on the other hand, features a soft roller cleaner head, that removes microscopic dust and allergens, while also enveloping larger pieces of debris.

To boot, it’s Dyson’s first cordless vacuum that includes two cleaner heads: The aforementioned Dyson Fluffy for your hardwood floors, and the Motorhead (not to be confused with Motörhead), which is designed for carpets. The Fluffy’s head is covered in soft nylon, which ensures that it won’t scratch hard surfaces, helping you keep your apartment security deposit intact. The Motorhead has stiff bristles and more brush power than previous Dyson models to attack the dust and stains embedded in your carpets. Now, this won’t give your carpets the same deep clean that full upright vacuums will give you, but it still has pretty surprising suction power for such a nimble little product.



The V6 clocks in at a mere five pounds and was designed to maneuver with ease, so you can effortlessly zip it around your floors. And, no cord means you’re not constantly unplugging and re-plugging it in as you move from the living room to the bedroom. Not to mention, this new model may help you keep the rest of your apartment in good shape, too. Use its detachable handheld wand to tackle upholstery, your car interior, or tough-to-reach spots like stairs or blinds.

The downside to this cordless wonder: It only holds a charge for 20 minutes, or 16 if you’re using the Motorhead. Unless you’re quick or dealing with a super small space, you may have to recharge in the middle of cleaning. That can be a bit of a bummer. At one point during our testing the power shut off abruptly just as we were about to finish a room, and it took a while for us to get the charge back. We wouldn’t mind a feature where you could plug in the vacuum for power to augment those times when the battery runs out.

Despite those reservations, this could be one of the best vacuums we’ve used for hardwood floors. It’s great for someone who has hardwood and area rugs and doesn’t have a ton of space to store a big upright vacuum. The V6 will be available March 1 at and select retailers for $600.