If anyone ever asks if you want to appear on the cover of an EA Sports game, here’s your answer: no thanks.

The fabled “curse” of EA Sports game covers has a long and storied history: athletes appear on the game’s cover only to suffer season-ending injuries or destruction to their reputations soon after. The Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane is the latest to run afoul of the curse, with EA announcing today it’s pulling him from the cover of EA Sports NHL 16 after he was accused of sexual assault.

A woman accused Kane of raping her earlier this month at his home in Hamburg, New York. No charges have been filed, and an investigation is still ongoing.

Kane was set to appear on the NHL 16 cover with teammate Jonathan Toews. It’s neither’s first cover—Kane was on NHL 10 in 2009 and Toews was on NHL 11 in 2010—but this would be the first time in the franchise that two athletes appeared on a cover together. EA has updated the cover with a shot of Toews alone, hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Via Polygon