If you happen to be checking out gallery of images of partially dressed couples full-on having sex, it used to be that it’s because you were on a porn site. But that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to some provocateurs atfashion house Eckhaus Latta, the explicit images in this article are actually part of an artful lookbook to debuting the clothier’s Spring 2017 collection.

The images by Korean photographer Heji Shin feature real-life couples having very real, very intimate sex. The result is just as beautiful as it is enticing. So where do the clothes come into play? Good question. The few garments the models are wearing are pieces from the line.

While the NSFW imagery may be considered vulgar by some, the fashion brand is known for pushing boundaries and has been celebrated for its unrelenting pursuit to blur gender norms in fashion both on and off the runway.

The pictorial also features couples of all creeds, colors and sexual orientations. Playing devil’s advocate, some minorities are noticeably absent though; namely, people who venture from the ideal body. All of the models featured in the sultry pictorial are as thin as thin can be. While Eckhaus Latta is often lauded for its inclusivity, there’s a clear distinction in just how far they’re willing to take that acclamation for the time being.

Still, there’s no denying that Eckhaus Latta’s creative direction notches above what most fashion houses are doing or have done, unless you consider After Hood by Air, which collaborated with Pornhub last fall for its New York Fashion Week shot.

Below are some of the campaign’s images from Instagram. And yes, the dirty bits are supposed to be pixelated. Sorry to disappoint you.

If you’re want to see more images, which I’m sure you’re going to check out for the fashion and not the nudity, click here.