Just looking at the set design of the EDM festival Tomorrowland makes you feel like you’re tripping balls. The wondrous Belgian electro-carnival feels like the fever dream of Walt Disney if we grew up in Europe as a wild-child raver, and it makes all other music festival stages look like suburban backyard parties in comparison.

Does the stage talk to the crowd? Of course it does. It even grants them access to “the beautiful Kingdom of Melodia.”

People Of Tomorrow… You have been granted access to the beautiful Kingdom of Melodia. #Tomorrowland

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It’s as if your inner child has been eating psychedelics like trail mix all these years and then suddenly got hired on to build what they think Heaven looks like. France is probably gonna get a damn contact high.

The harbour house at #Tomorrowland …

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People of Tomorrow, enter The Secret Kingdom of Melodia…

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Have a good night rest and be ready for the first day of this new tale…#Tomorrowland

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