In 2009 Nestle had to recall 300,000 cases of raw cookie dough after an E. coli outbreak. Not only did the tainted dough send 25 people to the hospital, the incident also revealed a country’s secret shame: we buy cookie dough that’s meant to be baked, then hole up on our couches with a tub and eat it raw. “I used to think I was the only one who did it,” says Rana Lustyan, “But that big recall showed me I wasn’t.” Well, if people were going to eat the raw dough, Lustyan and her husband, John, thought there had to be a better way. They’ve found it.

Last fall the couple launched their company eDoughble (pronounced like “edible”), to give people their cookie dough fix without the risk of getting sick. Which meant that they had to replicate the taste of cookie dough, sans the eggs. Rana went through countless iterations to perfect the recipe, which included ditching early plans to make the product vegan and gluten free. “I tried gluten-free flours like rice and tapioca, and they don’t taste very good raw” Rana says.

Once the base dough was done, Rana started creating variations, from peanut butter to s’mores flavors. Being a fan of Ben & Jerry’s and Coldstone Creamery, Rana says they wanted to make sure their dough was filled with big pieces of mix-ins, like Callebaut dark chocolate chunks in the chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, and candied almonds in the cocoa-nuts variety.

And while many people will just order the containers and eat right out of them with a spoon (like I did, screw you for judging me), Rana suggests warming the dough slightly and using it like a frosting or cooling it or mixing it with your own homemade ice cream. But no matter how you eat it or what flavor you purchase, you can’t go wrong. All four I tried were absolutely delicious.

An 8 oz. container, available on eDoughble’s website, goes for $8 to $10, depending on which of the eight flavors you’re buying. Just don’t ask how many calories you’re eating. You don’t want to know.

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.