To some, Edward Snowden is a patriot. To others, he’s a traitor. But as of today, he’s just another #sshole on Twitter.

The former NSA contractor and current international fugitive started a verified account this morning. Here’s his first tweet.

In all fairness, there’s a good reason Snowden’s pop-culture references are stuck in 2013.

“I used to work for the government,” Snowden wrote in his Twitter bio. “Now I work for the public.”

The bio also contains a link to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization “dedicated to helping support and defend public-interest journalism.” Snowden is a director at the foundation. I assume they let him work remotely.

As of 4:20 EST, Snowden had over 530,000 followers. But I’m sure a lot of them are random Pakistani dudes who will eventually leave after he fails to follow them back.

(Source: Twitter)