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12 Eerie Last Words Spoken by Murderers Before Their Executions

12 Eerie Last Words Spoken by Murderers Before Their Executions:

It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is about to die. Especially if that person knows he’s about to die. But it’s also difficult to imagine saying any of these last words.

1. Aileen Wuornos

Executed: October 9, 1992 in Florida for seven different murders.

2. Robert Charles Comer

Executed: May 22, 2007 in Arizona for the murder of his two neighbors.

3. Barbara Graham

Executed: June 3, 1955 in California for murder. She was the third woman in California to be executed in the gas chamber.

4. Robert Alton Harris

Executed: April 21, 1992 in California for the murder of two teenage boys.

5. James Jackson

Executed: February 7, 2007 in Texas for the murder of his wife and two daughters.

6. George Engel

Executed: He was hanged November 11, 1887 in Chicago after the Haymarket riot.

7. John Wayne Gacy

Executed: May 10, 1994 in Illinois after being convicted of murdering at least 33 teenage boys and young men.

8. Thomas J. Grasso

Executed: March 20, 1995 in Oklahoma for the murder of an elderly man and woman in Oklahoma and New York.

9. James Donald French

Executed: August 10, 1966 in Oklahoma after kidnapping and murdering a hostage then murdering his cellmate while in prison.

10. Sean Flannagan

Executed: June 23, 1989 by lethal injection after the murder of two homosexuals in Las Vegas.

11. George Appel

Executed: In the electric chair for the murder of a police officer in 1928 in New York City.

12. Mario Murphy

Executed: September 17, 1997 in Virginia for the murder of a US border officer.

Rob is a comedy writer based in Kentucky. You have definitely read a lot of what he has written.

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