A new video that allegedly shows fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has surfaced, according to ElBlogDelNarco.com. In the video, a man resembling Guzman is seen at an outdoor party surrounded by armed guards. The man seems to be doing what I assume all billionaire drug lords do with their free time: drinking beer and watching horses dance to mariachi music.

Personally, I don’t think the man in question looks that much like Guzman. However former DEA chief of international relations Mike Vigil disagrees.

“Based on several factors, there is a very strong possibility — I would say 90 to 95 percent — that it’s [El Chapo] in the video,” Vigil told mySA.com. “I don’t know who else it could be.”

Well, it could just be a random short Latino dude wearing a trucker hat. After all, why would Guzman and his armed guards allow someone to pull out their camera?

At any rate, if it is indeed Guzman and the video is recent, it would seem to contradict reports suggesting the drug lord was injured while alluding authorities.

Guzman has been on the run since escaping from a Mexican prison earlier this year. But the fact that he’s the most wanted man in Mexico isn’t going to stop him from attending horse dance-offs.

(Sources: El Blog Del Narco, Business Insider)