On Friday, the New York Giants star quarterback and possessor of two Super Bowl rings, Eli Manning, sat for a Reddit Ask Me Anything. And, as is often the case, the questions aren’t nearly as interesting as the answers.

So, here are 17 responses that don’t even need questions to be outstanding peeks into Manning’s elite brain.

  1. Jeff Feagles removed all the air out of my tires one year at training camp and left me a bike pump so I could pump up my tires just enough to get to a gas station.

  2. I’m very disappointed [Madden] has not included my sandwich-eating touchdown dance. I am very proud of that dance and it took me a long time to master, and I feel that it needs the respect that it deserves.

  3. After we beat the Cowboys in the opening game of their new stadium, I was requested to sign part of the locker room (which some of the Cowboys fans did not appreciate).

  4. I asked K-Fed for a picture one time. That’s the only person I’ve ever asked for a picture, Kevin Federline.

  5. A guy wanted me to sign my autograph on his arm, which he was immediately going to the tattoo parlor to get it tattooed on his arm. Yes I signed it. Go Giants!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown an interception?

  7. I had a chicken gyro today, so I think that would be a good start. And tonight, maybe do a little italian, some chicken parm.

  8. I keep up with all the NYC sports teams. I’ve been to Yankees games, Mets games, Knicks games, Nets games, so I root for all the NYC teams… except maybe the Jets.

  9. I like olives.

  10. I think the last video game I played against Peyton would be Techmobowl, on the original Nintendo.

  11. Um… I was a big MC Hammer fan back in the day. And I think I could definitely do some of those same dance moves that MC did, but Peyton would not be able to keep up.

  12. I’d rather have really long fingers.

  13. Briefs. Socks now… socks, I guess. Coffee. Beach. Um… pedi.

  14. I’d go back to Ancient Rome, and watch some gladiator fights.

  15. Kelly Capowski.

  16. Kenney Chesney, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, George Straight. The usual.

  17. I’m pretty good at juggling.

(Via Reddit)

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