Actress Elisabeth Shue turns 51 today, and to celebrate her birthday we decided to revisit her 1987 Playboy appearance.

It’s pretty hard for anyone to find this copy of the magazine since it was only released in the fictional universe of Adventures in Babysitting. In this 1980s comedy classic, Shue plays Chris Parker, who spends one eventful night trying to track down her best friend who’s run away from home, while also dragging two children she’s supposed to be babysitting (hence the title).

In the movie Chris finds a copy of Playboy featuring a model that looks exactly like her, which leads to an eventful encounter at a fraternity party. And thus the legend of whether or not Elisabeth Shue ever appeared in Playboy was born.

Shue modeled for the fake Playboy pictures herself. Her Babysitting co-star Keith Coogan revealed that the producers of the movie helped coordinate a photo shoot at the Playboy Mansion to create the fake pictures and cover. They tried to use a lot of makeup to make the photos not look like Shue. You can judge for yourself how good a job they did.

While the cover and centerfold of Shue are fake, the rest of the magazine is real. The movie’s prop master Don Miloyevich told, “Four to six copies of the magazine were made. We used a real Playboy magazine and inserted the cover and centerfold onto it.” The pictures of Shue are non-nude.

If you’re wondering where you can find one of the rare Elisabeth Shue covers, you’re probably out of luck. According to Miloyevich most of the copies were likely destroyed at the end of filming and the rest probably hidden somewhere in a Touchstone Pictures warehouse.

However, he also told us, “It’s possible that one might be in my huge stash of prop detritus.”

So don’t get your hopes up if you’re itching to get your hands on the Elisabeth Shue Playboy. But look at the bright side: Now you have a reason to revisit that classic film from the 1980s.