Obscenely rich people: They’re just like us. Except they’re not, because whereas you and I resort to hanging out in bars and using dating apps like Tinder to meet our prospective partners, people with net worths greater than the GDP of some small countries fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to a shadowy cabal of matchmakers in hopes of finding love.

The SEI Club is a dating service that exclusively caters to high-profile CEOs, entrepreneurs, fashion models and the “crème de la crème of high society,” according to the club’s press release. It was established 14 years ago, but I’m only hearing about it now, because matchmaking organizations for the one percent need publicity, too.

As you’d expect, the club is super swanky; according to a rep, less than 35 percent of membership applications are accepted. But provided you pass the rigorous screening process and pay your dues—ranging from $1,200 to $300,000, which is a pretty huge disparity—here’s how your path to true love starts:

First you’ll sit down for a private in-person consultation with matchmakers. Then they’ll parse through your hobbies, hopes and fears to land on a match and send you his or her profile, answering any questions about that candidate while still preserving their privacy. For example, if you want to know what your match does for a living, SEI will tell you without revealing their specific company.

If you like what you hear, the ball is in your court: SEI says the gentleman usually selects the first-date location—like, say, a quick trip to Mykonos—and after the date, your personal matchmaker will follow up with both parties to see how it went. To which you’ll answer, “Awesome, because I am a rich person and my life is always awesome.”

Watch a video explaining how the service works below. I’m almost positive the voiceover guy is speaking with a fake British accent, but then again, if I belonged to a club like this, I’d talk that way, too.