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Elizabeth Hurley Still Looks Great in a Thong at 49

Elizabeth Hurley Still Looks Great in a Thong at 49: New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema

Elizabeth Hurley first became a sensation when she starred as the love interest in the Austin Powers movies. Twenty years later she still looks as hot as she did when Mike Myers was holding melons up in front of her, well, melons.

Hurley now stars in the new TV show The Royals on E!, as Queen Helena, the fictional wife of the new King of England. And while we generally associate the UK’s royal family with grace and civility, apparently on the show Hurley spends a lot of time in her underwear.



From the back, you wouldn’t be able to tell if that was 49-year-old Hurley or 29-year-old Hurley. And it’s not just the one scene where Hurley gets undressed either.



And you thought a show about a bunch of stuck up British people would be boring. We’re guessing this show is less West Wing and more House of Cards. Presumably with fewer subway murders.

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