In case you aren’t aware, Sports Illustrated has been doing things a little differently this year. Rather than just put out their yearly Swimsuit Edition at it’s scheduled release date, they’ve been building up the hype for it more than ever. One way that they’ve been getting people excited is with their “tryouts.”

Models have been coming in to Sports Illustrated to audition in these casting call sessions. Names like Josie Canseco and Charlotte McKinney have already thrown their name into the swimsuit-wearing ring. Now, it’s time for lesser-known Elizabeth Turner to have a turn. Just because she isn’t as popular as some of the others, does mean she should be overlooked, because she is absolutely stunning. She doesn’t look too shabby in a bikini, either.

The 23-year-old Guess model from Georgia sat down with Sports Illustrated for a quick Emoji Game. Unfortunately, during the interview, she mentions that she isn’t a fan of chest hair, she doesn’t like it when non-athletes wear sports jerseys, and she’s a vegetarian who hates bacon. So, my 0% chance I had with her just got cut into a third. Oh well.

Take a look at some of her pics and you be the judge: does she deserve to be a rookie in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?

pretty special Labor Day weekend with the buds @carolinehartig @a.s.w92 @bchammo15 #cornisking #cornhole

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