Ellie Goulding is real good. She’s reminds me of a cleaner, more sane Ke$ha (side note: I love Ke$ha and crazy she is). I don’t really know too much about Ellie other than the fact that she’s a hugely successful pop star, her most recent music video is nearly at a billion views on YouTube, and she used to date Sonny, this guy I know. Oh, you probably know him as Skrillex actually. Whatever.

Ellie is about to catch our attention one more time, but now it’s with photos rather than her music. For her latest album cover, she totally ditches the concept of wearing a bra. I appreciate this. We all appreciate this. We also appreciate the fact that she shared some incredible videos and pics on her Instagram account of the photoshoot. The bra-less photoshoot. Enjoy!

On My Mind is now live on iTunes! 😬🙏🏼 http://t.co/iK9phlDbmG Also on Spotify! http://t.co/pfvGHCytUR #OMM

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Tomorrow x

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Thursday #OMM

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17 / 9 / 15

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