It all started with one seemingly ridiculous tweet from Elon Musk. All of us laughed, because it only reinforced the narrative that Musk is slowly transforming into Tony Stark.

Naturally, many thought he was joking. Then, in what can only be described as a moment wherein Musk furrowed his brow and uttered “stop laughing,” he tweeted this.

Well, Musk is a man who keeps his word. As of today, his seemingly ridiculous idea has given rise to it’s own absurd company, called Boring Company, which plans to fix Los Angeles’s gridlock via a subterranean tunnel.

Cars would park on pre-determined access points, which then carry vehicles into an underground shuttle that can travel up to 124 mph. Although the announcement video is compelling, one can only imagine the innumerable obstacles Musk is about to face, especially given that L.A. is prone to earthquakes. Will this tunnel be deep enough to threaten a building’s structural stability? Would it be a free service, or a premium one? What if you really need to use the bathroom while in a tunnel? Such quandaries demand answers from real-life Bruce Wayne.

Jokes aside, Musk’s dedication to creating a techno-optimist future is worthy of praise. From championing universal basic income, to his desire for a neural uplink, all the way to expressing a fear we might live in The Matrix, Musk offers initiatives that attempt to make Americans both efficient and sufficient. He’s selling us the future.

Should we rely on one wealthy man for this? Of course not. Even the techno-optimist himself has been accused of cutting corners for profit reasons. Yet the prospect of a no-traffic L.A. is too sweet to pass up. In Musk we trust.