There’s another Elusive Target coming to Hitman this weekend, just in time for you to celebrate Independence Day with a bang.

This time, players will be headed to Marrakesh, Hitman’s third and most recent level, to seek out “The Gunrunner,” and as usual, we don’t know much about him yet. He’ll be active in the game for 72 hours, which means you get the full long weekend (if you live in the U.S., anyway) to take him down.

If you’re not familiar, Hitman’s “Elusive Targets” are short add-on missions that pop up every so often to give players extra challenge. Hitman is, of course, about assassinating people, and the more ghostly, with as little evidence left behind as possible, the better. But usually, players have the ability to use protagonist Agent 47’s “instincts” to see his targets as they move around each of Hitman’s levels—the idea being that you’re then able to plan extremely careful, often elaborate and occasionally hilarious means of dispatching those targets.

With an Elusive Target, however, you get no such advantages. Players have to use clues from their briefing videos about the target to figure out where he or she will be in each level, and then identify the target by sight. And unlike other game missions, Elusive Targets disappear after the timer on the mission expires, never to appear again. You only have one shot to take them down, too—get spotted or killed and that’s it.

It sounds intense, but it’s a ton of fun, especially if you turn the Elusive Target into a party drinking game. This week we’re going with whiskey.