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This Private Jet Has Windows the Size of a Door

This Private Jet Has Windows the Size of a Door: via Embraer

via Embraer

People who fly on private jets have it so much better than you and me. No showing up hours early to the airport. No dealing with TSA. No getting stuck seated next to a 300-plus pound dude eating a tuna fish sandwich. And now, no peeking out of a tiny window.

Private jet manufacturer Embraer now offers massive windows on its Lineage 1000 fleet of aircrafts. Instead of the tiny porthole-sized openings, most airplane passengers have grown accustomed to, Embraer is outfitting planes with windows that are the size of a typical plane door.

Embraer was looking for a way to say “Yes” more often, especially since their clients are used to hearing that a lot when they are designing mansions and yachts. But planes present a challenge because of safety regulations and restrictions and the fact that they have to perform the additional minor task of flying.

Windows typically can compromise a plane’s structural integrity and add weight which in turn reduces fuel efficiency. Embraer counteracted these by putting the window forward of the wing, where there is less stress.

via Embraer

via Embraer

Teaming with superyacht designer Patrick Knowles, the company showed off its capabilities with the Kyoto Airship concept that has windows just about everywhere and will really make you wish you weren’t a multibillionaire.

The Lineage 1000 planes start at $53 million so start saving your money kids.

via Embraer

via Embraer

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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