The Boston Globe reports that Emerson College will be offering a new major in 2016: Comedy.

Beginning in September 2016, undergraduates looking to brush up on their on-screen performance skills or comedy-writing abilities will be able to work toward a bachelor of fine arts degree in the “Comedic Arts.”

“This is going to be a hands-on program,” said Martie Cook, Emerson’s associate chairwoman of visual and media arts department. “If you want to be a sitcom writer, we are going to take you through sitcom writing, and you will walk out of here with several scripts in your hand that you can then show to agents and producers, so you actually have a portfolio.”

Emerson will be using both its Boston and Los Angeles campuses to roll the major out, and plan to have courses in comedy editing, sketch performance, the history of comedy, and maybe possibly some guest lectures from famous funny Emerson alums like Jay Leno, Bill Burr, and Denis Leary.

“This is a great moment for Emerson to bring what has become one of our distinctive strengths to the forefront,” said Doug Herzog, an Emerson alumnus and president of Viacom Music and Entertainment Group, which oversees Comedy Central, in a statement. “Some schools develop NFL quarterbacks. We develop great comedic talent.”

Shame you can’t do both, Emerson. Payton Manning can’t be the funniest QB in the NFL forever.

(Via The Boston Globe)