Last month, Esquire named Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Anyone who’s seen the HBO hit show or Terminator: Genisys would absolutely agree with their decision. And while looking at pictures of Clarke is nice, it’s much better to see her in-motion.

One helpful Reddit user cut some GIFs out of Emilia’s Esquire photoshoot and shared them for us all to enjoy. This way we’ll be able to get our fill of Emilia while waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones, which comes out next April.

First, there’s a GIF of Emilia slowly slipping off one of her straps::

And here’s one of her in bed covered only in a sheet:

And here’s one of her just sitting, looking sexy and stuff:

Sometimes she likes to put her feet up and lay down for a bit:

Same thing here:

And here’s a GIF of Emilia drinking a glass of milk, which is probably a weird fetish for some people:

Speaking of weird fetishes, if you’re wondering what Emilia’s feet look like, here you go:

It’s going to be pretty hard to find someone sexier than Emilia next year.

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