Let’s be honest with each other here: at one point in time, whether by mistake or on purpose, you’ve seen an episode of Hannah Montana. You may not remember the details, or perhaps you were a diehard who knows every single episode, but you probably saw a happy-looking blonde girl pouncing around. That was Emily Osment, who played Miley’s best friend on the hit Disney show.

We know a little too well what Miley Cyrus turned out to look like, but how about Emily? Well, how do I put this? She’s… umm… SUPER HOT.

Yes, that is Emily Osment all grown up. She’s a lot bustier than I remember! Wait, what? No. I didn’t watch Hannah Montana regularly. What are you talking about?

FYI, she’s the sister of Haley Joel Osment. Here’s some more from Emily’s Instagram.

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9 mm (x 2) #cleaners

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