Though her acting career may have slowed, Emily Ratajkowski’s side gig as a professional Internet-breaker is thriving. Fresh off her racy new DKNY ad campaign—in which a lingerie-clad Ratajkowski struts through the streets of New York — the 25-year-old stunner posted a photo from her Mexican vacation on Instagram of her skinny-dipping in what looks like a serene, natural grotto.

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Since bursting onto the scene by baring it all in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, Ratajkowski has become one of our most vocal advocates for letting it all hang out. Ratajkowski’s crusade in favor of nudity as a form of female empowerment began in earnest, when she came to the defense of Kim Kardashian, who was in the midst of being publicly shamed for posting a topless selfie of her own.

Ratajkowski showed solidarity with Kim by posing side-by-side with the reality star for a topless selfie, and explained on Twitter that women should have the freedom to decide how they express their sexuality.

“We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality,” she wrote, adding that “even if being sexualized by society’s gaze is demeaning, there must be a space where women can still be sexual when they choose to be.”

We couldn’t agree more, for obvious reasons.