Considering Emma Roberts probably has to memorize pages and pages of scripts regularly, obviously acing the task, it is not surprising that she would have an inking for the written word. The actress has long shared posts across social media noting books she is reading; thereby, making well-edited recommendations to her devoted followers.

Roberts clearly appreciates written word, which the actress demonstrates with eyes feverishly glued to a wall of magazines.


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Taking her passion to a whole new sphere, Roberts and friend Kara Preiss have just founded Belletrist, an “online book club” where the duo will curate monthly literary selections. Roberts and Preiss invite members to “Discover, read, and celebrate a new book every month” with Belletrist serving as “an online platform that celebrates great books and the people who read them.”

Friends for nearly a decade, having met in New York, the women bonded over their love of books, and declaration that each suffers from the condition “Tsundoku.” Described on their website as “the Japanese word for pile of books,” the women share “the compulsive habit of buying books and allowing them to pile up on shelves, dressers, under the bed, in the oven (in Karah’s case), in the car (in Emma’s case), and in totes and purses you never use (both guilty!).” The duo realized their best cure was to discuss their reads, parlaying this to the formation of Belletrist.

Describing their interest, Belletrist’s website explains that for Roberts and Preiss, “Books are our common ground. A good book gets you out of your head. A good book gives meaning to life. It gives you the language to describe what you experience. A good book will make you understand why you are in pain after heartbreak. It will make you miss your stop on the subway. A good book will fight your heavy eyelids, demanding that you stay awake for one more chapter. In a time where there is so much out there commanding our attention, it provides a reason to focus.”

📚☕️Reading + Fueling for tomorrow with my @DunkinDonuts Americano #RedCarpetReady #AwardShowPrep #Ad

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Reading also serves as a way to connect. “We love that books give us the opportunity to connect and we wanted to create a space that fosters that connection for readers around the world.” Sharing and community involvement is encouraged, and “from photo and video sharing to live discussions, Belletrist will grow as our community’s needs and dreams evolve.”  The ultimate goal being “connecting around the books we love, a way to make sure that books have a life after they are read; that their ‘shelf life’ lasts far beyond the first read.” This community engagement is apparent via their Instagram. Sandwiched between inspiration images of iconic beauties, such as actress Audrey Heburn and author Joan Didion (the club’s inaugural book is Didion’s South and West), Belletrist’s Instagram also serves as a sort of travel guide, highlighting unique independent booksellers (#belletristbookstore) as well as regramming recs and images from their followers. Roberts’ star power should provide Belletrist intimate access to literary superstars, as Roberts has already secured an interview with Didion accompanied by a Roberts’ penned essay.

We look forward to seeing this endeavor develop.