In the latest installment of Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theatre, Emma Stone demonstrates how to pogo stick, even though she hasn’t tried it since she was eleven. Wearing a gray pantsuit, she pogos like a pro—except that she can only do it in circles.

If you can tear your eyes away from that mesmerizing bouncing, check out the interview Stone did with the Hollywood Reporter last week. She shares another flashback to her pre-fame days, describing the moment in ninth grade when she realized she wanted to drop out of school and move to L.A. “It’s the last period of the day, and I have a revelation that I needed to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible because that’s where I needed to go. I know, it was crazy.” Even crazier is the fact that she made a PowerPoint about her plans and convinced her parents it was a good idea. The craziest part of all? She was right. Stone not only became a celebrity, she’s up for an Academy Award.

Despite her success, this pogo-stick superstar doesn’t think other kids should follow in her footsteps by dropping out of school. “I don’t condone it. Everybody should go through high school and graduate.”