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Emma Watson Wears Her Clothes Into a Pool, Just Like Every Classy Englishwoman (We Think)

It’s no secret how highly I think of Emma Watson. A few week’s ago, I explained my admiration for her after she did a weird, black-and-white photo shoot with Vogue Italia. Typically, Emma’s photo shoots are few and far between, so I urged the readers to savor this one, because it may be the only pics of Emma that we get for quite some time. Just to put into perspective how rare an Emma Watson shoot is, her Instagram account has almost FIVE MILLION followers, yet she hasn’t posted a picture in over THIRTEEN WEEKS!

Well, have I got a surprise for you! Emma Watson is back at it! This time, she’s modelling for Porter Magazine. The pics feature Emma wearing a bikini top, and also getting with with her clothes on. Take a look and savor these images, because Emma Watson is a treat that should not be taken for granted.

Emma Watson Porter Magazine 2

Porter Magazine

Emma Watson Porter Magazine 3

Porter Magazine

Emma Watson Porter Magazine 4

Porter Magazine

Emma Watson Porter Magazine 5

Porter Magazine

Emma Watson Porter Magazine 7

Porter Magazine

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