So far, it’s been a pretty good week for skipping awards broadcasts. All the so-called highlights from the VMAs were available online the very next morning. And the complete list of Emmy Award winners from last night’s telecast is no more difficult to find — not that one couldn’t guess a good 50 percent of that list just based on previous years’ results. Jim Parsons won for Big Bang Theory yet again. Modern Family once again took home a slew of statues — this non-surprise seemed particularly galling to viewers.

Fans who were excited to see new shows like Orange is the New Black and True Detective acknowledged for their relative freshness and innovation were ultimately disappointed. This contributed to the general consensus that, for all of host Seth Meyers’ good-natured intentions and a sudden groundswell of Twitter-lust for handsome True Detective director Cary Fukunaga, everyone could have just as well gone to bed early.

Well, there was the incredible insanity of Weird Al Yankovic adding lyrics to TV show theme songs, but you didn’t need to tune in to see that. Thanks, internet!