Another week, another big batch of trailers to shove in your eyes. The obvious star here is the first teaser for the much-anticipated second season of Empire, but we’ve also got more from season 2 of Fargo, the next Pixar joint, and a Ryan Reynolds movie that actually looks like fun. Check out the week’s biggest trailers (that we didn’t already cover) below.

The first teaser for the second season of Fox’s incredibly popular hip hop drama is only 17 seconds long, and there’s not even any dialogue, but fans of this show are so devoted that they didn’t care. We’re all just glad to have Cookie back.

Jesse Eisenberg is just your average stoner who slacks off at his convenience store job…only, you know, he can also murder you with a spoon.

We’ve already seen several Fargo trailers, but this one has actual plot details, plus the glorious beard of Nick Offerman.

You’ve probably already made up your mind about the Vacation reboot, but a new trailer complete with an extended discussion of rimjobs is here to try to convince you anyway.

If you don’t think a goofy-looking dinosaur can make you tear up, Pixar is here to prove you wrong.

Julianne Moore finally got an Oscar this year, and she might just get another with this performance as Laurel Hester, a gay woman who battled on her deathbed for the right to pass her pension on to her domestic partner (Ellen Page).

Ryan Reynolds and rising star Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline) are two guys on the road trying to make a few bucks and get ahead in life. It might look predictable, but it also looks good enough that, between this and Deadpool, we might be getting a Ryan Reynolds Renaissance…The Reynoldssance.