Via Flickr user [Wagner Cesar Munhoz](

Via Flickr user Wagner Cesar Munhoz.

British Airways recently conducted a survey of 1,000 British travelers asking their opinions of regional accents in the United States. The results were weird.

According to the survey, the New York accent is considered the sexiest in the States, and received almost 25 percent of the vote. After all, what’s not sexy about this voice…

…or this…

At the bottom of the list was the Chicago accent, which received only four percent. While I can’t really argue for Chicago, I still don’t understand the appeal of New York. Then again, there’s no accounting for taste, especially when the people being quizzed sound like this:

Perhaps even more surprising is that the survey’s results claim the Boston accent sounds the most intelligent. I can only assume the respondents watched Good Will Hunting too many times. When I hear Mark Wahlberg speak, I don’t exactly expect him to invent a fusion reactor.

But then again, compared to this…

…The Wahlbergs sound like Morgan Freeman.

(Source: Mashable)