Politicians will sometimes comment on pop culture, but it’s a tricky field of landmines, because it’s the easiest way to unnecessarily choose a side or sound out of touch, so they’ll hold back. Sri Lanka’s president Maithripala Sirisena is not one of those leaders. Proof came when he observed that the women at the recent Enrique Iglesias performance in his country acted “most uncivilized,” so he naturally suggested that the concert organizers be “whipped with toxic stingray tails.”

Seriously, take that comment in for a moment. It’s not just violent; it’s poetically incensed. I mean, not only did he suggest an ancient form of punishment, but it’s detailed in so few words. He’s not even angriest at the hot and bothered women or the stud who did it. No, he’s out-of-his-mind irate at the guys who put on the show. They’re the ones who should be whipped by animal parts, and not just that, but should be beaten with animal parts that are also poisonous.

If you’re wondering what level of lewdness we’re talking here, it’s the standard bonked-out celebrity desire you’ve seen in western nations. Women were simply trying to make it on stage to hug and kiss the Latin star (behavior seen as early as Beatlemania) while others were removing bras and hucking underwear (actions that practically became commonplace with hard rock bands).

Remember what a big deal it was when President Obama called Kanye West a "jackass?” Now, it kind of seems like he should’ve taken it up a notch.