Constructing the ultimate man cave, aka a place where dudes can escape the entire world, seems like it would be costly. But Reddit user kelhans took his rather scary storage room in his basement and turned it into the ultimate dudes only zone, spending only $107 on materials. I’m not kidding. The building materials came from scrap, were found or reclaimed to create the ultimate 1940’s-1950s era hunting cabin.

The basement room when he started

He used old crate wood from a local metal company that was free

Using a draw knife, he made each board look hand cut

The walls going up

All the wall boards in place. You can start to see the transformation.

He found a way to hide the support columns and air ducts, and installed a fake roof that can be opened to access plumbing if needed. And that perfect cut out for a “window?” Just wait.

Stone going in for the fireplace. He found the stone on the side of the road about a year before.

One of the few pieces of lumber he actually bought. It’s aged and stained for that rustic cabin feel.

Called “the table of contents,” this table is all reclaimed wood and opens to hide collectibles.

Same wood as the walls was also used for floor boards. He ripped them to 3" wide then cut each with tongue and groove.

Faux columns that cover the steel floor supports, with a lock joint just for visual detail.

Floor going in.

The finished product. Took him about 6 weeks and cost $107 in materials. All other furnishings and contents he already had.

Exterior window is actually a photograph that’s lit from behind. You can turn the light off to simulate night outside.

Most pieces of furniture, shelves and crates are handmade from aged and reclaimed wood.

And yes, the fireplace is fake but it’s made of real stone and reclaimed barn wood. He even put real ashes and real burn marks on the floor.

The scrapbook is full of deer hunting photos from the 1940s to 1960s.

The flooring is glued together, but not to the concrete slab. It creaks and gives slightly like an old cabin floor.

The main door room from the basement. He covered this side with 1/8" plywood strips. The light switches are .357 magnum cartridges.

Kitchen table. Note all pots have “burn” marks on them like they were heated above real fire.

All the collectibles that the table of contents table has in it.

Via Imgur