There are certain lavish exploits, where when you hear about them, you instantly think, “That has to be in Dubai.” A man-made set of islands shaped to look like a palm tree? Gotta be Dubai. A fleet of police cars that includes a Bugatti Veyron and a Lamborghini Aventador? Where else? So when I heard about a Cadillac Escalade modified to look like an Adidas Yeezy Boost sneaker, I was not surprised to look down and see a Dubai license plate on the whip. But finding out that the car is owned by a teenager who isn’t even old enough to drive it, that raised some eyebrows.

The car belongs to Rashed Belhasa, who goes by the nickname Money Kicks. The son of a wealthy Emirati businessman (are their poor Emirati businessmen?), Belhasa had a custom wrap put on the Escalade that mimicked the look of the “Turtledove” colorway of Kanye West’s signature shoe. The SUV has the Yeezy’s ribbed Boost cushioning along the bottom of the body, the heel pull tab underneath the rear windshield and even shoelaces on the roof. The Primeknit on the sneaker’s upper is depicted on the rest of the Escalade’s body, right down to the perforations in the material.

Since Belhasa doesn’t have a driver’s license, he couldn’t actually get behind the wheel when he took delivery of the Escalade, but he could play “All The Way Up” when asked which song best reflects the SUV. In typical “Rich Kids of Instagram” fashion, Belhasa says the idea for the car came to him while he was sitting in a Jacuzzi and wanted to have a one-of-one car. He feels confident that Kanye himself will see the car and talk about it.

That would seem like a pretty bold claim for most teenagers to make, but Belhasa, who has more than a quarter of a million followers on Instagram and 307,000 YouTube subscribers, spends a fair amount of time with hip-hop artists when they are in Dubai. He has photos of him hanging out on his family farm (there are tigers) with Ty Dolla Sign and Travis Scott. Whether those celebrities actually enjoy Belhasa’s company or enjoy the perks that come along with it, that remains up for debate.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.