The qualifiers for entrée to high society are changing. Country clubs are out; what’s in are exclusive memberships to services that buy you time, access and safety—­priceless assets, indeed. From the concierge’s concierge to an on-call rescue team, here are five indispensable cards for today’s jet-set adventurer to use when the Black Card loses its luster.

VIP valet from $550,
Don’t you dare park that ­Bentley on the street. ­Auto­Concierge stores your vehicle in a secure, climate-­controlled facility. Miss your ride? Check on it with the AutoConcierge app.

Forget First Class from $100,000,
Borders are mere lines on a map when you have access to 50,000 private jets in your wallet. Fly whenever and wherever you want with the Lindbergh Card, founded by the pilot’s grandson.

Face danger from $119,
Meet your personal CIA operative. Global Rescue promises to extract you when your situation goes Argo, no matter where you are on the planet.

Get access from $2,400, ­
Tickets to the Oscars, last-minute giraffe rentals and insider reservations are no sweat for the Quintessentially concierge team. Don’t let the butler take it personally.

Stay Safe from $99,
What’s scarier, breaking a leg on Everest or navigating insurance carriers from the summit? Medjet­Assist gets you and what’s left of your limb home from anywhere.