Eva Shaw was a model before she became a DJ, but she’s not the kind of model-turned-DJ whose sole purpose is to look hot behind the turntables. Shaw grew up in Toronto and started writing music as a kid. She was scouted by Elite Model Management at 13, and when her modeling career took her to New York City a few years later, she used her income to pay for the production equipment she needed to make her own music. As she booked more and more DJ gigs, she lost interest in modeling, because she didn’t have time to do both. Shaw, 27, still looks great in photos, but nowadays, she’s posting them herself on Instagram—and many of her pics show her sitting in a recording studio. Shaw has over 104k followers on Instagram (@evashaw) and over 21k on Soundcloud, where she also hosts her own podcast, Evalution Radio.

Almost ready for Day 2 #RiseNshine music video

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What prompted you to make the transition from model to DJ and what was that like?
I’ve always been interested in a lot of things. I studied theatre and did acting, painting, and sports at the same time. I think when you’re a teenager, you’re exploring what you really want to do and that’s what I did. I was offered gigs to model, and I could make money on the side while I was in school. I taught myself how to make music around the same time, and I’ve always been writing music. I don’t really look at it like some sort of transition. I just had opportunities to pursue music and so I did. I ended up not modeling anymore when I didn’t have time for both. I wanted to focus on music which is really my passion. Sometimes you have to do a job to make a living—not that modeling can’t be fun. I like doing it now on the side, but I would never choose it as a life career for myself.


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What’s the song you put on when you want to get amped up?
“Humble” by Kendrick Lamar and “Mask Off” by Future are my jams right now.

If you had to call the “song of the summer” right now, what would it be?
My song “High” featuring Shaggy and Demarco, of course! I also really like Logic right now. He has some really fantastic music out.


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What else can you tell us about “High,” your latest single?
I’ve always been a huge Shaggy fan growing up so I was super excited to get in the studio with him. He actually joined me on a few of my shows and sang live and we had a blast. He has a great stage presence. I was just recently introduced to Demarco but we actually started working on more music together since “High”—he’s just so talented. I also did a “Festival Mix” which has more of a big room drop which is the version I normally play out live. I look at the original mix as being great in the car or chilling at home. Since I’m a DJ as well, I find I’m always thinking about versions, remixes and where each version will fit and be played.


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What else are you working on?
I have a few more songs ready to go, so we are planning the release schedule now. One is with Kreesha Turner and GC, and the other is with Demarco again, as well as a friend of mine from Toronto—Aion Clarke. I’ve been working with a lot of fellow Canadians recently! I have a few remixes that just came out—one for Ludacris’ “Vitamin D” as well as Rihanna’s “Pose.” Show wise, I’m heading over to Europe this weekend as I have a few shows over there, and also planning another Asia tour which I’m pretty excited about—with new visuals! I’m planning to release music every two or three months now, which I couldn’t be happier about.

New track is called jetlag #backatit

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What are a few Instagram accounts you like to follow?
@poochofNYC is hilarious. I also love food Instagrams because I’m a HUGE foodie, which is dangerous when you live in New York City. @nyceeeeeats kills me.

What’s something your fans probably don’t know about you?
I LOVE axolotls. Do you know what they are? You should.