Even though he’s a busy guy — what with the roles on TV shows like Fresh Off the Boat, The League, and Children’s Hospital; as well as his How Did This Get Made? podcast — Paul Scheer has still found time for one of his true passions: remaking episodes of 1990s television.

Previously, Scheer concocted The Ar-Sheerio Paul Show, in which he recreated various episodes of The Arsenio Hall Show for reasons as-yet unknown.

Now he’s turned his eye towards MTV’s Total Request Live and, well, this is what that looks like:

And if you feel like that can’t possibly be an accurate representation of just how vapid TRL was back in the day, here’s the episode Scheer — along with Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch and Resident Advisors’ Ryan Hansen — are paying homage to:

Is it possible to adore a thing too much? So much that you smother it with affection? Maybe…but if that’s wrong then it’s perfectly fine to choke something out with love.

Marc Bernardin is the Deputy Editor of Playboy.com. Yeah, that’s it.