How many hours of your life have been spent watching Seinfeld?

My conservative estimate is (gulp) 1,000 or so, far higher than any other TV series. When the show lands on Hulu June 24, I’m sure I’ll log a few more, as will some younger viewers who aren’t as familiar with George’s strange bathroom behavior and Jerry’s Superman obsession.

Below, I’ve attempted to rank all 180 episodes of the series. Feel free to use the list as a viewing guide, nostalgic diversion or springboard for social media argument. But please keep in mind this sort of thing is always subjective — and, hey, even the “worst” Seinfeld episode is still better than 99.7% of everything else on TV.

As Kramer would say, “giddy up”…

179 and 180. “The Highlights of 100,” Season 6
I can’t criticize this clip show, but it seems unfair to rank it higher than a scripted episode.

177 and 178. “The Chronicle,” Season 9
Ditto for this one that aired before the series finale. (I kind of wish it hadn’t used that sappy Green Day song near the end, though.)

176. “The Glasses,” Season 5
Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of Seinfeld’s few dog-related storylines …

175. “The Opera,” Season 4
… And ditto for clowns. Sorry!

174. “The Package,” Season 8
I do love Uncle Leo (Len Lesser), but I think this is his least memorable appearance.

173. “The Apology,” Season 9
A James Spader guest spot feels a little wasted.

172. “The Diplomat’s Club,” Season 6
George tries his best to make an African-American friend. It doesn’t go well.

171. “The Soul Mate,” Season 8
George deals with fallout from the show’s darkest plot twist: Susan’s death.

170. “The Chaperone,” Season 6
Though this season opener introduces us to Mr. Pitt (Ian Abercrombie), the rest doesn’t leave much of an impression.

169. “The Dog,” Season 3
Another dog show is highlighted by a fun fake movie title (Prognosis Negative) and the realization that Elaine and George are kinda awkward without Jerry.

168. “The Strong Box,” Season 9
Not the strongest ep.

167. “The Doodle,” Season 6
In which we realize George looks a little like Mr. Magoo.

166. “The Postponement,” Season 7
With this episode, viewers see that, yes, the writers really are going through with George’s wedding storyline. It feels a little exciting, a little weird.

165. “The Ticket,” Season 4
And yep, the writers really are going forward with that NBC pilot storyline …

164. “The Robbery,” Season 1
Kramer makes one of his first goofy entrances in the series’ third ep, which feels a little more Seinfeld-ian than the first two.

163. “The Scofflaw,” Season 6
Two visual gags highlight this one: Kramer’s new eye patch and George’s new toupee.

162. “The Wife,” Season 5
Courteney Cox poses as Jerry’s wife so she can get a dry-cleaning discount. (She’s great, but it wasn’t her best gig.)

161. “The Pothole,” Season 8
Funny, but it feels like we’re watching some recycled material; most of the jokes rely on well-trodden themes like Chinese food and driving hijinks.

160. “The Watch,” Season 4
Again, no offense to Uncle Leo. This continues “The Wallet,” which I think is a better episode.

159. “The Old Man,” Season 4
Kramer and Newman try a new scheme: selling horrible vintage records.

158. “The Rye,” Season 7
The best part, of course, is the image of Jerry swiping an old lady’s bread.

157. “The Wait Out,” Season 7
There’s some classic physical comedy here when Kramer stumbles around in his “slim-fit” jeans. (And hey, they look fashionable now!)

156. “The Maid,” Season 9
Oh, poor Koko — er, George. And all these years later, New Yorkers still bicker about non-212 area codes.

155. “The Parking Space,” Season 3
Not to be confused with “The Parking Garage” or “The Handicap Spot” — Seinfeld really covered parking — this ep is best remembered for a screaming match between George and Kramer’s friend who wants the same space.

154. “The Money,” Season 8
Despite an appearance by Sarah Silverman as Kramer’s girlfriend, this isn’t a standout.

153. “The Label Maker,” Season 6
Many view it as the “re-gifting” episode, but that Kramer-Newman Risk game resonates with me more.

152.“The Pony Remark,” Season 2
I love how, at one point, Elaine wonders, “Is this a waste of time? What should we be doing?”

151. “The Secretary,” Season 6
Grr, Kenny Bania. How could Jerry not hate him more than Newman?

150. “The Fatigues,” Season 8
Yeah, it’s another Bania episode, with Frank’s Korean War flashback on the side.

149. “The Baby Shower,” Season 2
Elaine throws a baby shower in Jerry’s apartment, though the subplot (and dream sequence) about Jerry’s illegal cable is more memorable.

148. “The Checks,” Season 8
My husband brakes for Steely Dan, so I sort of understand Elaine’s ire when her boyfriend shushes her during the Eagles’ Desperado.

147. “The Fix-Up,” Season 3
George gets set up with one of Elaine’s friends, a woman who wants to date “somebody who just has to appreciate being with me because he’s so desperate.”

146. “The Little Jerry,” Season 8
Buying a rooster seems a little over the top, even for Kramer. And though Jerry’s reaction is funny, at this point in the series they’d already done several “X kept me awake all night!” episodes.

145. “The Slicer,” Season 9
A cat and an alarm clock keep Elaine awake all night.

144. “The Betrayal,” Season 9
Here we have the famous “backwards” episode. It’s a cool concept, but many have criticized the execution. (Funny flashback line: “What the hell is email?”)

143. “The Dealership,” Season 9
Just when you thought Seinfeld had covered the entire candy universe, it salutes Twix. Puddy outshines the rest of the cast in this one.

142. “The Nose Job,” Season 3
Leave it to Kramer to tell George’s girlfriend she needs a nose job. After this, the gang often looked to Kramer as a truth-teller.

141. “The Millennium,” Season 8
George fails again, this time at losing his job with the Yankees.

140. “The Tape,” Season 3
In Seinfeld’s version of a sexy episode, George sees Elaine in a new light after hearing her seductive answering machine message.

139. “The Keys,” Season 3
In what has to be a rare NBC-CBS crossover, Kramer leaves New York to pursue an acting career and winds up on Murphy Brown.

138. “The Jacket,” Season 2
This marks an appearance by Elaine’s father (Lawrence Tierney) and a suede jacket that makes Jerry feel “composed, rounded (and) secure that I can meet any social challenge.” It’s the anti-puffy shirt.

137. “The Stake Out,” Season 1
The series’ second episode is notable for Elaine’s debut, as well as a mention of “Art Corvelay,” a precursor to George’s beloved alter-ego, Art Vandelay. (George: “He’s an importer.” Jerry: “Just imports? No exports?”)

136. “The Summer of George,” Season 8
Another darkly funny season finale has George declaring his desire to “bite into a big hunk of cheese…just bite into it like it’s an apple.”

135. “The Ex-Girlfriend,” Season 2
One of the first Seinfeld breakups features George mustering the courage to dump his girlfriend — and later realizing he left some books in her apartment.

134. “The Puerto Rican Day,” Season 9
Welcome back, Art Vandelay and H.E. Pennypacker.

133. “The Apartment,” Season 2
Could Elaine and Jerry ever live in the same building? The answer, thankfully, is no.

132. “The Truth,” Season 3
Kramer accidentally sees Elaine naked, which is funny, though not as funny as accidentally seeing George in the buff.

131. “The Masseuse,” Season 5
One of two massage-themed eps has Jerry dating a masseuse who never gives him a free massage.

130. “The Burning,” Season 9
Kramer gives one of his finest acting performances as gonorrhea, showing he has come a long way since “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

129. “The Wallet,” Season 4
Morty Seinfeld swears up and down his wallet is stolen at the doctor’s office.

128. “The Wink,” Season 7
The premise is silly – George gets pulp in his eye and starts winking uncontrollably – but I love when Jerry claims 95% of the population is “undateable,” leading to a classic exchange. Elaine: “Then how are all these people getting together?” Jerry: “Alcohol.”

127. “The Gum,” Season 7
Not my favorite episode, but the image of Jerry wearing oversized Harry Caray glasses makes me laugh every time.

126. “The Face Painter,” Season 6
Puddy supports his team by donning horrifying face paint.

125. “The Wig Master,” Season 7
Another timeless visual: Kramer strolls down the street like a pimp with his hat, cane and Technicolor Dreamcoat.

124. “The Virgin,” Season 4
Elaine talks about her flying diaphragm in front of poor virginal Marla (Jane Leeves).

123. “The Dinner Party,” Season 5
I still can’t look at a black and white cookie without thinking of Jerry and his opinions on race relations.

122. “The Blood,” Season 9
“You got three pints of Kramer in ya, buddy!” Honestly, I think this upset Jerry more than what happened in the finale.

121. “The Conversion,” Season 5
Antifungal cream isn’t always what it seems.

120. “The Barber,” Season 5
Jerry’s new haircut makes him look like an eight-year-old boy.

119. “The Smelly Car,” Season 4
Susan returns … and hey, she’s a lesbian (but not for long).

117 and 118. “The Cadillac (Part 1 and 2),” Season 7
This should be called “The 4:30 Dinner,” since some of its funniest moments involve Jerry’s parents’ preferred dining time.

116. “The Handicap Spot,” Season 4
Yes, it’s a parking episode. It also features John Randolph, not Jerry Stiller, as Frank Costanza.

114 and 115. “The Trip (Part 1 and 2),” Season 4
I prefer the gang in Manhattan, so this Los Angeles-set season premiere feels a little off. Also, there’s no Elaine!

113. “The Subway,” Season 3
Like “The Parking Garage” and others, this episode utilizes the power of one location (the subway) as the basis for several stories.

112. “The Nap,” Season 8
George snoozes under his desk, though Jerry’s massive kitchen cabinets get even bigger laughs.

111. “The Understudy,” Season 6
I remember seeing nonstop promos for this season finale, which guest-stars Bette Midler and shows Elaine landing a job with J. Peterman. More than anything, it sets up a fun seventh season.

110. “Male Unbonding,” Season 1
This introduces a couple recurring themes: Kramerica Industries and the idea of “a pizza place where you make your own pie.” And hey, fun fact: This is the only episode title that doesn’t start with the word “the.”

109. “The Shoes,” Season 4
Denise Richards’ cleavage causes trouble for George. Says Jerry: “Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don’t stare at it — it’s too risky!”

107 and 108. “The Bottle Deposit (Part 1 and 2),” Season 7
Hands-down, my favorite scene here is when George and Jerry try to analyze the lyrics of Petula Clark’s “Downtown.”

106. “The Secret Code,” Season 7
Spoiler: It’s “Bosco.” And I keep waiting for any opportunity to quote George’s best line to Susan: “I don’t know anything about your cycles.”

105. “The Sniffing Accountant,” Season 5
This one features a sight gag for the ages when Kramer smokes and drinks at the same time.

104. “The Friars Club,” Season 7
Rob Schneider plays Elaine’s partially deaf co-worker.

103. “The Van Buren Boys,” Season 8
After seeing this one, I never forgot Martin Van Buren was our eighth President.

102. “The Big Salad,” Season 6
Someone buys Elaine a salad; Elaine buys Mr. Pitt a mechanical pencil.

101. “The Statue,” Season 2
This early episode plays on old cop shows, highlighted by Kramer’s Dragnet-esque impersonation of a police officer.

100. “The Fire,” Season 5
Ack, it’s another clown! (This time, Jon Favreau wears the costume.) Here, Kramer shares his most genius idea yet: a coffee table book about coffee tables.

99. “The Andrea Doria,” Season 8
In somewhat of a prelude to the series finale, George earns the sympathy of a tenants association by sharing his life story. (“When I dropped the towel there had been significant shrinkage…”)

98. “The Letter,” Season 3
Catherine Keener paints “The Kramer,” which I’m pretty sure still adorns a few college dorm rooms.

97. “The Cigar Store Indian,” Season 5
Usually, it’s George who makes the cringe-inducing mistakes, but this time it’s Jerry.

96. “The Stock Tip,” Season 1
With this season finale, Seinfeld establishes itself as a show about nothing. It also marks the first of many Jerry-George convos about Superman. (“He’s got super-strength, super-speed … I’m sure he’s got super-humor!”)

95. “The Foundation,” Season 8
This one marks the first of many Jerry-George convos about Star Trek.

94. “The Busboy,” Season 2
George shares his vast knowledge of Manhattan’s best public restrooms, which is still a marketable skill.

93. “The Chicken Roaster,” Season 8
A Kenny Rogers Roasters neon sign turns Kramer’s apartment into a “red planet.” (“Jerry, my rods and cones are all screwed up!”)

92. “The Stand-In,” Season 5
Elaine: “He took it out.” Kramer: “Sometimes they need air!”

91. “The Calzone,” Season 7
Larry David makes one of his funniest appearances as the voice of George Steinbrenner.

90. “The Caddy,” Season 7
Ellen’s bouncy friend Sue Ellen finally starts wearing a bra…as a shirt, Madonna-style.

89. “The Stranded,” Season 3
Michael Chiklis pops up as Steve, a friend who takes full advantage of Jerry’s apartment. The best line, however, comes from Elaine, who jazzes up a party by exclaiming, “Maybe the dingo ate your baby!”

88. “The Chinese Woman,” Season 6
George’s parents decide not to divorce, though Frank still tells Estelle, “You have no eye for fashion!”

87. “The Maestro,” Season 7
Kramer meets the one and only Jackie Chiles. (“You get me one coffee drinker on that jury, you’re gonna walk out there a rich man.”)

86. “The Seven,” Season 7
George reveals his favorite baby name (Seven) and a questionable runner-up (Soda).

85. “The Soup,” Season 6
Kenny Bania’s best/worst episode shows him ordering soup at Mendy’s, which doesn’t count as a meal. Meanwhile, a woman flees after George says he likes the word “manure.”

84. “The Shower Head,” Season 7
It’s another hair gag, this time with Kramer and Jerry, who suffer the consequences of bad showerheads.

83. “The Cheever Letters,” Season 4
I’m not keen on Susan-heavy storylines, but Jerry’s attempt at dirty talk is hilarious. (“You mean the panties your mother laid out for you?”)

82. “The Visa,” Season 4
We get a rare glimpse of Serious Jerry, who accidentally attracts a woman who finds him dark and mysterious.

81. “The Comeback,” Season 8
More quotable George: “The Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you!”

80. “The Good Samaritan,” Season 3
In another subplot taken from the headlines, Kramer has seizures every time he hears Mary Hart’s voice. My favorite part: Jerry replaces “God bless you!” with “You are so good-looking!”

79. “The Junk Mail,” Season 9
As someone who grew up watching ads for The Wiz, I have to chuckle when Elaine falls for the guy. (Nobody beats him.) Bonus: Wilford Brimley.

78. “The Limo,” Season 3
A good idea spirals out of control when Jerry and George unknowingly pose as Neo-Nazis.

77. “The Race,” Season 6
At long last, Superman-lovin’ Jerry dates a woman named Lois.

76. “The Serenity Now,” Season 9
Frank Costanza delivers one of his most memorable catchphrases.

75. “The Cartoon,” Season 9
Elaine speaks for many of us when she admits not understanding a New Yorker cartoon. For me, though, the biggest laugh comes when George dates Jerry’s lookalike.

74. “The English Patient,” Season 8
Once again, Elaine admits what most of us are afraid to: The English Patient “sucked.”

73. “The Frogger,” Season 9
One of the series’ final episodes pays tribute to the arcade game. In a funny subplot, Elaine has had enough of her co-workers’ constant cake celebrations.

72. “The Engagement,” Season 7
This season opener delivers a shocker when George and Susan get engaged. His social life suffers immediately. (“She doesn’t want to see Firestorm; she wants to see The Muted Heart.”)

71. “The Couch,” Season 6
Poppie pees, Patton Oswalt works at a video store and George watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a family he has never met.

70. “The Heart Attack,” Season 2
George: “I’ve never had a normal, medium orgasm.” Jerry: “I never had a really good pickle.”

69. “The Movie,” Season 4
I’m still waiting for someone to make Rochelle, Rochelle.

68. “The Doll,” Season 7
I’m not sure what’s funnier: the mannequin that resembles Elaine or the doll that looks exactly like George’s mother (and sleeps with George and Susan).

67. “The Voice,” Season 9
Jerry inspires us to utter a big, booming “Helloooooo!”

66.“The Non-Fat Yogurt,” Season 5
It’s one of many food eps, but it marks one of the only times we see Jerry curse (and in front of an impressionable child, no less).

65. “The Mom & Pop Store,” Season 6
George buys “Jon Voight’s car,” and the Midnight Cowboy parody at the end makes it all worthwhile.

64. “The Beard,” Season 6
Elaine tries to get someone to “change teams.” Not gonna work.

63. “The Bris,” Season 5
Jerry and Elaine become godparents, though not before Kramer spies a “pigman” at the hospital.

61 and 62. “The Boyfriend (Part 1 and 2),” Season 3
This well-crafted two-parter features a guest spot by Keith Hernandez and the JFK-esque reconstruction of a spitting incident.

60. “The Airport,” Season 4
Again, the gang is seen away from Jerry’s apartment, but it works – especially in scenes where Elaine suffers in coach.

59. “Pilot,” Season 1
No Elaine? A different diner? “Kessler” instead of Kramer? The first episode is like a bizarro version of the show we grew to love, but for that reason it’s still pretty entertaining to watch.

58. “The Phone Message,” Season 2
Go ahead, look up those old Levi’s Dockers ads on YouTube. Jerry’s right; they’re still terrible.

57. “The Bookstore,” Season 9
I love this intro, in which we see exactly what Kramer does in Jerry’s apartment while he’s away.

56. “The Wizard,” Season 9
Elaine’s boyfriend: “So we’re just a couple of white people?” Elaine: “I guess. So … do you want to go to the Gap?”

55. “The Café,” Season 3
Babu changes his restaurant, determines Jerry is a “very, very bad man.”

54. “The Note,” Season 3
George worries “it moved” during a massage.

53. “The Doorman,” Season 6
Poppie pees again, and Frank boldly straps on the “Bro.”

52. “The Suicide,” Season 3
Wayne Knight makes his first appearance as Newman and can’t resist the power of a Drake’s coffee cake.

51. “The Lip Reader,” Season 5
This one earned Marlee Matlin an Emmy nomination.

50. “The Muffin Tops,” Season 8
Everything comes together nicely in this ep, which ends with Jerry scratching his chest and howling at the moon.

49. “The Butter Shave,” Season 9
The show wins me over every time it plays Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train.” (This time, it’s while George pretends to be handicapped at work.) Visual highlight: The guys grow summer mustaches.

48. “The Pez Dispenser,” Season 3
George engages in a “preemptive breakup” in an effort to gain “hand.” (“I’m afraid that I am gonna have to break up with you.”)

47. “The Kiss Hello,” Season 6
Here’s another well-crafted ep that includes Elaine’s friend with a ‘60s hairdo and my personal nightmare, in which Jerry’s neighbors start greeting each other by name.

45 and 46. “The Pilot (Part 1 and 2),” Season 4
In this season finale, the guys finally produce their pilot for NBC and audition actors to play them. Jeremy Piven does a great George, and Mariska Hargitay tries out for Elaine.

44. “The Pen,” Season 3
In this one set at Jerry’s parents’ place in Florida, Jerry is pressured into taking an astronaut pen. Chaos ensues.

43. “The Hot Tub,” Season 7
All of the elements collide perfectly here, from Elaine’s poor friend Jean-Paul who needs to wake up on time to Kramer’s homemade hot tub that messes with his “core temperature.”

42. “The Pick,” Season 4
In which Elaine becomes known as “Nip” and George asks Jerry, “Was there any nostril penetration?”

40 and 41. “The Raincoats (Part 1 and 2),” Season 5
Judge Reinhold is a “close talker” — not a “low talker” like in “The Puffy Shirt” — and Jerry makes out during a screening of Schindler’s List.

39. “The Jimmy,” Season 6
“JIMMY’S DOWN!” and Kramer gets novocain.

38. “The Pledge Drive,” Season 6
After this one aired, I always made sure to cash checks from my grandma in a timely manner. However, it’s best known for the Snickers subplot, in which Mr. Pitt dines on his candy with a knife and fork.

37. “The Red Dot,” Season 3
Honestly, I’d probably notice a spot on a cashmere sweater, too (though I wouldn’t give it back).

36. “The Alternate Side,” Season 3
Kramer lands his career-defining role in a Woody Allen movie. All together now: “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”

35. “The Mango,” Season 5
Jerry and Elaine realize that, sometimes, you have to have sex to save the friendship.

34. “The Pie,” Season 5
I think my favorite part of this one is at the end, when Kramer makes out with the Elaine mannequin and she falls apart in his hands.

33. “The Yada Yada,” Season 8
Seinfeld didn’t coin the term, but it’s still one of the most quotable lines in the series.

32. “The Implant,” Season 4
“They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”

31. “The Stall,” Season 5
Who on earth wouldn’t spare a square – especially if they only needed one measly ply?

30. “The Pitch,” Season 4
Seinfeld gets meta and Jerry and George decide to create a TV show for NBC. (Jerry: “What’s the show about?” George: “It’s about nothing. … Who says you gotta have a story? Remember when we were waiting for a table in a Chinese restaurant that one time? That could be a TV show!”)

29. “The Revenge,” Season 2
In one of the first eps that went on to become a classic, George gets fired – then returns to work the next day as if nothing happened.

28. “The Invitations,” Season 7
George’s engagement in Season 7** came out of left field, but whoa, who saw Susan’s death coming? It still stands as the darkest, most surprising moment in sitcom history.

26 and 27. “The Finale (Part 1 and 2),” Season 9
Fans continue to debate the final episode, but how else could so many familiar faces have returned? I like it more now than I did then.

25. “The Gymnast,” Season 6
Is it weird that Mr. Pitt’s finest moment involves him accidentally sporting a Hitler mustache?

24. “The Little Kicks,” Season 8
When it comes to dancing, Elaine is all thumbs.

23. “The Susie,” Season 8
This contains one of my all-time favorite Seinfeld moments: When we hear the outgoing message on George’s answering machine.

22. “The Pool Guy,” Season 7
Kramer poses as the now-defunct Moviefone guy. (“Why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you’d like to see?”)

21. “The Opposite,” Season 5
Here’s another smartly crafted one, in which George decides to do the opposite of what he normally does, Jerry realizes he always comes out even and Kramer goes on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee to promote his coffee table book.

20. “The Outing,” Season 4
George and Jerry are outed as a couple…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

19. “The Bizarro Jerry,” Season 8
A perfect episode: Kramer pretends to have a 9-to-5, Jerry is confronted with “man hands” and Elaine’s new male friends look suspiciously like her old ones.

18. “The Hamptons,” Season 5
I’m not sure I’d seen ugly babies and “shrinkage” used as comedy fodder before this. (Elaine: “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things.”)

17. “The Bubble Boy,” Season 4
Susan’s funniest moment may have been when she popped that grouchy guy’s bubble. He should’ve known the answer was “Moops”!

16. “The Merv Griffin Show,” Season 9
I’d watch an entire series where Kramer recreated Merv Griffin in his apartment.

15. “The Switch,” Season 6
This ep gave us Kramer’s first name and ménage talk. (Jerry: “Don’t you know what it means to become an orgy guy? It changes everything, I’d have to dress different, I’d have to act different, I’d have to grow a mustache and get all kinds of robes and lotions …”)

14. “The Deal,” Season 2
Seinfeld really started to hit its stride with this episode about Jerry and Elaine’s decision to have a physical relationship. It also leads to the best/worst birthday gift ever: $182 in cash.

13. “The Reverse Peephole,” Season 9
Though George’s exploding wallet is the most memorable moment, we mustn’t forget the sight of Jerry wearing a fur coat and carrying a pur — ahem, “European carry-all.”

12. “The Sponge,” Season 7
Thanks to Elaine, even your grandma could tell you what “sponge-worthy” means.

11. “The Puffy Shirt,” Season 5
It’s been more than two decades since this aired, and the pirate look still hasn’t become fashionable.

10. “The Abstinence,” Season 8
I have equal love for the main plot — George becomes smarter when he stops having sex — and Kramer’s storyline, in which he takes up smoking. (Jerry: “What happened to your face? It looks like an old catcher’s mitt!” Kramer: “Look away. I’m hideous.”)

9. “The Strike,” Season 9
Frank Costanza steals the show with a Festivus for the rest of us.

8. “The Library,” Season 3
There’s not a dull moment in this sordid tale of an overdue book, from a fast-talking library cop named Mr. Bookman (Philip Baker Hall) to George’s painful wedgie flashback.

7. “The Marine Biologist,” Season 5
“The sea was angry that day, my friends … I think this is one of the most perfectly constructed episodes, highlighted by George’s actions to save a whale.

6. “The Soup Nazi,” Season 7
When it comes to soup comedy, Seinfeld and Grover pretty much have it covered.

5. “The Junior Mint,” Season 4
Kramer’s slo-mo Mint fail is only matched by Jerry’s certainty his girlfriend is named “Mulva.”

4. “The Parking Garage,” Season 3
One dismal location, several delightful storylines. (I still root for Elaine’s goldfish.)

3. “The Fusilli Jerry,” Season 6
This unforgettable ep includes the debut of Puddy, a mysterious and magical sex move, the “ASSMAN” and the Fusilli Jerry that sends poor Frank to a proctologist.

2. “The Chinese Restaurant,” Season 2
This landmark half-hour epitomized a “show about nothing,” taking place in real time as Jerry, George and Elaine wait for a table.

1. “The Contest,” Season 4
No contest, this is one of the best episodes of TV of all time: The story incorporates each character, comes together seamlessly and, without question, gives viewers something to talk about the next morning. What more could we want?

Whitney Matheson is a pop-culture writer based in Tennessee, where she currently serves as the Journalist in Residence at Middle Tennessee State University.