Archer – the animated superspy comedy that’s been a fixture of FX programming for six years now – is a treasure trove of gags, but amid the endless Kenny Loggins references and fast cars, you might forget that there are plenty of brains behind this particular TV machine. Sure, all the thinkpieces permeating the internet right now are devoted to the likes of Mad Men, but Archer packs quite a self-referential, intellectual punch, too.

To demonstrate this, Indiewire’s Press Play blog devoted time to compiling all of the best literary references in Archer so far, which include everything from X-Men to Oscar Wilde, from the obvious to the almost-painfully obscure, and illustrates just how much time Archer devotes to its many references, be they Herman Melville gags or ruminations on the works of George Orwell.

Sadly, Archer just ended its sixth season, so we won’t be seeing any new work from the series for a while, but we do have this and many other compilations to tide us over until season seven.